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איש פותח את ידיו לצדדים עוצם עיניים וראשו כלפיי השמיים

An open door. 
That is our aspiration and our invitation for you to come join us. We are a therapeutic and rehabilitative community dedicated to aiding individuals (together with their families) grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from military experience. We provide an intimate, rural, and peaceful refuge with certified therapists specializing in PTSD from military service.
In our rehabilitative community, we form clubs, conduct workshops, and host social gatherings, but at our core, we foster human connection. This connection is a safety net for PTSD survivors. Our dedicated staff and volunteers play an integral part in daily life in our community. It's this social bond that gives our community members the strength and resilience to face and overcome their challenges. Together.

We invite you to join us. You don’t need an officially recognized military diagnosis, and there are no bureaucratic obstacles. Our doors are always open to those wrestling with military-related PTSD. Our commitment: we will not leave our wounded behind!


If you answered “yes” to one or more questions,

You belong with us!
Fill in your contact details, and we will be in touch:

1. Are you struggling with PTSD that's related to security-related matters?


2. Regardless of whether you're recognized by the Ministry of Defense or not, do you experience episodes or any other symptoms that could be related to PTSD?


3. Do you know anyone suffering from PTSD tied to military service or a security incident who is not receiving treatment?

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