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תמונת דף מידע לתורמים

Information for Donors

Our association is committed to minimizing as much as possible the bureaucratic, physical, or emotional barriers faced by those suffering from military-related post-traumatic stress disorder who need help. Therefore, all our services are provided, free of charge and without time limitations, to sufferers and their family members whom the Ministry of Defense acknowledges and those not yet recognized. Today, we receive dozens of new inquiries every week. Be a partner and help us increase our ability to assist.

The safe space serves as a haven of mental calm for our members. It's a meeting place with a supportive peer group that allows them to express themselves confidently without criticism or judgment. Group and individual workshops, therapies, communal meals, and social clubs occur in this space.

The Open Space

The clinical therapy team at our association consists of certified professionals who specialize in treating military-related post-traumatic stress disorder and have extensive experience in the field. The treatments are provided free of charge, with no time limit, and without the need for recognition by the Ministry of Defense. Thankfully, we can see significant improvement in those who persist with the therapy over time. In addition, the association provides Chinese acupuncture and biomagnetic treatments.


As part of creating a personalized support system for each participant, various therapeutic workshops are held in the association.

  • Therapeutic gardening - Soil work that connects the participant to themselves, providing a sense of achievement and responsibility for a continuous process.

  • Therapeutic dog training - Personalized emotional work using dogs, proven to build emotional resilience.

  • Trauma-sensitive yoga - Through the connection of body and soul, sensitive yoga allows emotional discharges through bodywork.

  • Rotating creative workshops - Creativity in its various forms provides a space for expressing and processing experiences without the need for direct and exposed sharing.

Therapeutic Workshops

One of the toughest experiences accompanying those dealing with military-related post-traumatic stress disorder is the feeling of loneliness. This understanding led us to build a community based on an ongoing social connection with all community members. In the association, social coordinators initiate phone calls in the participants’ everyday lives and are available for those in need. Additionally, a community WhatsApp group serves as a platform for participants to share experiences, provide mutual support and help. It is an oasis of mental tranquility, a meeting place with like-minded individuals that allows for confident self-expression, free from criticism or judgment. We host group and individual workshops in this space, provide treatments, organize shared meals, and maintain a social club.


Aware that research suggests the prevalence of military-related post-traumatic stress disorder is higher than documented. With our commitment to offering accessible support, we periodically arrange outdoor events targeting former combat soldiers. These events serve as a bridge to those who may not recognize or openly acknowledge their struggles, allowing them to seek the help they may need. Lectures, conferences, fun days, and intensive days in our community have proven very effective in reaching new participants.


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