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תמונת דף חזון העמותה

Our Vision

The "No Soldier Left Behind" non-profit organization aims to provide a safe space, a supportive community, and therapeutic and rehabilitative solutions for anyone dealing with military-related post-traumatic stress disorder. All of this while striving to reduce barriers as much as possible and provide a simple and effective way for recovery and return to an optimal life path. To realize the association’s vision, a unique model was built, within which it operates a therapeutic and rehabilitative community based on tailoring a personal support system for each participant, whether recognized or at different stages of the recognition process by the Ministry of Defense.

The community model is based on four main principles:

1. Therapeutic - private clinical treatments, group therapies, and workshops.

2. Safe Space - a physical home, a group of equals, and a place for relaxation.

3. Social - Ongoing and initiated para-medical social connection within the routine life of the service recipients.

4. Preventive - Teams consisting of a participant and a caregiver conduct talks with candidates for security service, raise awareness, and provide tools for prevention and minimizing potential damage.

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