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באנר טיפולים קליניים

Our Therapeutic Methods

Our Therapeutic Methods

The basis of therapy at our association is grounded in the understanding that our life experiences are intertwined with our life's journey. In dynamic therapy, we explore the original places that led us to experience trauma and affect healing by revisiting life experiences. Dynamic therapy is not time-bound.

Classic Dynamic Therapy

Behavioral therapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating post-trauma. It is based on changing thought patterns in order to succeed in changing feelings and insights. Behavioral therapy aids in developing mental resilience and preventing difficulties. We use the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) toolbox but combine it with adaptive methods.

Behavioral Therapy

Repercussive therapy helps a person to connect with their feelings and physical sensations through their body. The basis of repercussive therapy lies in the belief that by creating distance between the person and the problem - treating the accompanying challenges will be facilitated in a more comfortable and indirect manner.

Repercussive Therapy

Somatic experience is an innovative therapeutic approach that has been especially effective in treating anxiety and trauma. This approach harnesses the body as a valuable resource, enabling the individual to explore various experiences within the safety of a controlled therapeutic environment. This method thus catalyzes profound transformations in a relatively short span of time.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

The underlying concept of our association is that treatment does not stand alone, but there is also a supportive and rehabilitative community that accompanies and assists a person in dealing with life's difficulties and challenges. The community is there for the person in difficult moments, and this indirect approach enables a dialogue that professionals alone cannot create. Or in the words of the poet Ami Gilboa: "All of a sudden, a person wakes up, decides he is a people, and starts walking”.

The Community Rehabilitation Concept

This concept states that policy should be set with the direct participation of the group members affected by it. The slogan refers mainly to policy-setting relevant to disadvantaged groups (for example, policies on poverty, minorities, people with disabilities, women, etc.) that often lack political, social, and economic opportunities.


Since the 2000s, this approach has also been used in the field of medicine and mental health. As part of the rehabilitation, the association members take part in building its structure, maintaining it, and explaining post-trauma to schools and organizations. Those receiving treatment participate in all decisions and are partners in the association's progress.

The "Nothing About Us Without Us" Concept

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