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באנר יוגה רגישה לטראומה

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

From the moment we are conceived (in the womb) until the day we return our souls to the Creator, we are exposed to traumas/experiences that shape our character and personality. Sometimes these are positive experiences that allow us to have wide and pleasant communication with our environment and with ourselves. Other times, they are traumas that give us no rest, even when there is no practical reason. These traumas are deeply ingrained in our bodies, in our memories.

Trauma-sensitive yoga allows us to connect with our bodies from a place of sensitivity and presence, transitioning from a state of hyper-alertness to a state of relaxation, tranquillity, and purity. It can transform a lack of desire and energy into a healthy presence and connection to the environment, help straighten poor posture, turn tense muscles into relaxed ones, and shift from a state of anxiety to deep and restful sleep.


During our yoga classes, we will reconnect with our bodies and feelings from a mindful and enabling place. Together, we will create a comfortable and safe space for dealing with past and present pains and gain tools to cope with depression, anger, and other mental states - all through the body and with its help!

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