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באנר קבוצת ריצה

Running Group

Have you ever considered movement as a method of healing? How can you convey to others that you're finding it hard to reintegrate into everyday life, that certain elements just don't feel the same anymore, and that despite extreme fatigue, a good night's sleep seems elusive? The desire to socialize is not as it used to be. Your mind is constantly racing, leaving little room for tranquility.
So, what can be done? How do you get back on track?

Let's talk about therapeutic running. We all know that during running, our bodies release hormones that make us feel good. Our running therapy approach centers on utilizing running as a tool for emotional exploration. This method encourages an inside-out journey of self-discovery. Unlike traditional running, therapy-based running is not about competition - rather than focusing on others; the goal is to learn to turn your attention inward, creating a space to acknowledge and understand emerging thoughts and feelings.


And then the magic happens. Physical exercise releases endorphins and allows mental processes to occur naturally. At the end of a short run, you'll feel better, and the cloudy thoughts will recede. Brightness and general flow are guaranteed for the participants. Come run with us.

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